Hair Glossing: Silky shine and vibrant colours you will fall in love with!

The summer is over, an our hair seems to be dry, brittle and dull. Too much sun, chlorine and salt water took its toll on our valuable hair. It´s time to indulge our hair with an invigorating energy booster! One that helps us revive the hair. Helping to nourish and maintain it, while bringing back the moisture, allowing a beautiful shiny glaze.

If you belong to those who love well-groomed and silky glossed hair with natural color shades, than this glossing service is a 100% must-have.

The Olaplex Review – and all you should know about this highly demanded hair treatment!

If you search on the Internet for Olaplex you´ll find almost nothing but superlatives! Is Olaplex really the miracle cure to color, dye and bleaching your hair – considering we read it everywhere? To find out, we have extensively tested Olaplex over the last six weeks at our hair salon.

Here finally our very own personal review. We are actually surprised by the results!

Olaplex: Going platinum blonde with no hair damage! What´s behind the hype?

Olaplex: Going platinum blonde with no hair damage! What´s behind the hype?

Directly from California I welcome Olaplex! The new hair innovation everybody is talking about. Very stressed or damaged hair after bleaching, coloring or dying hair, seems to be a thing of the past. Turning dark hair to platinum blonde, without risking hair breakage, should not be any problem anymore.

Is it true or is it just a bluff? Let´s check what´s behind the hype!

“Catch me, if you can.” – A highly sensual Hairstyle

Discover how we turned a retro inspired Hair and Make-up Style into a very feminine and scandalous current creation full of contrasts. “Catch me, if you can.” is a glamorous Look to feel, play, love and live!

By the way, this creation has been voted SECOND BEST LOOK at La Biosthetique´s “NATIONAL BEAUTY STYLIST AWARD 2014” in Spain.

Find out the whole story!

How to move mountains using a copper brown color hair dye

Not every hair color works for every person. I´m still overtaken by some great results after choosing the appropriate hair dye.

In the case of Pilar you really can see a huge difference after changing from a blonde to a copper brown hair colour.

See how the new vivid color reactivates the beauty of her hair, uncovering her very natural attractiveness.

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