Messy Hairstyles. The secrets about the perfect Undone-Look

The “Undone Look” or “Messy Look” is hip, no doubt! The laid-back surf and street style inspired laissez-faire hairstyle is not only a match to the summer, it´s a very convenient and a great look if you need to style your hair quickly.

But, a messy looking hairstyle it´s not so “undone” as it seems. In order for it to look relaxed, casual and classy, your hair needs the right care, the proper hair cut and the appropriate styling.

Get inspired and find out the secret about messy hair ;-)

10 tips how to protect your hair from chlorine, salt water and sun

I´m very happy! The summer is back and the beach and pool season has begun. I really love the water, swimming is great fun and it´s super healthy for the body, but unfortunately not so much for our hair.

The combination of sun and salt water or chlorine do not just dry out your hair, it also causes real damage to it. So, as a sun and water enthusiasts you better take extra care of your hair. Here are 10 easy tips how you can avoid hair damage in summer.

10 Foods for faster growing, healthy and beautiful hair

Are you already using a high quality shampoo, conditioner and treatments? Perfect, that´s good and right! But unfortunately not enough. Healthy hair wants more! A balanced diet, rich in proteins, vitamins, mineral nutrients and healthy fat. If you don´t live and act accordingly, you may end up with brittle hair, split ends or in the worst case hair loss.

Let me take you to a picturesque street market on Mallorca, while buying fresh and ‘hair loving’ groceries. Enjoy the wonderful pictures we captured for you!

10 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff and other Scalp Problems

For many years I’ve had to endure a faithful companion. Especially at wintertime is when my uninvited guest would emerge the most.

This troublemaker was my dandruff!

Apart from my unattractive red coloured scalp and dry dandruff, the itching was driving me crazy. Due to my scratching, the redness was getting worse and worse and as a result more and more dandruff appeared which in return made the itching that much worse. Eventually it just turned into a vicious cycle.

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