Homeless Men Get Haircuts, Hope & Dignity in Heartwarming Video

What’s the difference between us and homeless people? Not as much as we think! We are all the same. Don’t let difference define us. That is what Filmmaker Tyler Bridges are teaching us after showing the wonderful transformation of homeless men after being shaved and getting a fresh haircut.

But it´s not just about a new haircut…find out more and watch the heartwarming video!

The 6th Charity Gala by “Fundación Rana” – Join a special night for a good cause!

Maltreatment and sexual child abuse is a reality. Do not look away, they need you!!

Come and join the 6th CHARITY GALA organized by “FUNDACIÓN RANA”, next friday, 9th of may 2014, starting at 8pm at “Finca Son Mir”. Cocktail, Dinner and Tombola for 100,- €/person

RANA is a non-profit association, whose purpose is to prevent maltreatment and sexual child abuse through community awareness, education and the promotion of a multidisciplinary approach.

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