Usually I write about beauty and hair topics. Today, however, I turned a bit towards a sustainable lifestyle, an issue that definitely matters to me. I would like to introduce you to a very interesting project of our dear neighbours “Urban Drivestyle”. 

Urban Drivestyle, right around the corner of our hair salon, is a extraordinary bike shop and bike rental, where you can buy and rent the best and most beautiful e-bikes, e-mopeds and e-scooter on Mallorca. But now they also developed their own e-bike, the MOKE! The first e-bike “Made in Mallorca”. 


The MOKE is a strong, robust and cool multi-purpose urban utility e-bike. The design combines the robustness and versatility of a moped with all the advantages of an e-bike: the super-long saddle allows you to carry a passenger or child, there is a lot of storage space for shopping – it’s great fun for the whole family and for work. Currently the MOKE is available in black, grey and army green.

Moke E-Bike and Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure


We were invited to a birthday party in Palma, when we had the chance to ride a MOKE. I have to admit, it took a moment to get used to the strong thrust when starting. But after a couple of minutes I really enjoyed the powerful driving experience (up to 40 km/h). You can take a friend with you (or up to two children), transport nearly everything and still have fun! Wide tires are not just perfect for asphalt, also for rough terrain and even on the beach. When the streets are wet, the MOKE has still good adhesion, so you never run the risk of slipping or falling off. Worth mentioning is also the range of the MOKE. highest quality lithium-ion battery gives you a very acceptable 60 km range. To charge it, just remove the battery from the MOKE and take it inside while at home or at work. Charging time is under 4 hours.

I´m super excited about the MOKE!

Moke E-Bike and Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure


Because we love great quality, design and sustainability, because it´s quiet and free of pollution, and of course because of being so incredibly practical. The MOKE is a great choice for fun, family or work. Once you have tried one, you don´t want to miss it! The only downside is the colour variety, would love to have a MOKE in copper-gold and black, matching our corporate identity colours of the salon ;-)


Urban Drivestyle Mallorca
Carrer de Sant Francesc, 11
07001 Palma de Mallorca

Call 0034 871 032 144

Maybe I have inspired you to try out the Moke by yourself ! I´m sure you will love it!

Have a lovely day!
Silke von Rolbiezki


Silke von Rolbiezki | Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure, Palma de Mallorca

This article was written by Silke von Rolbiezki, hairdresser, hair stylist and owner of ‘Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure’ in Palma de Mallorca. She has been involved and connected for more than 19 years in the high end hairdressing industry. She has perfected her skills over time with top hair stylists in Germany and Spain. In addition to cutting and styling, Silke is very well known for her extensive expertise in hair coloring.

Text © Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure, 2017
Photos: All photos © Urban Drivestyle Mallorca, 2017 except profil picture © Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure, 2017


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