Rodin and the Hair and Make-up-Trends for Autumn-Winter 2015-2016

Rodin and the Hair and Make-up-Trends for Autumn-Winter 2015-2016

The great french sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) was a pioneer of the modernist aesthetic. He created a very contemporary style, at the same time respecting traditions. It´s no coincidence that La Biosthétique has choosen the reverend “Musée Rodin” in Paris to shoot its new autumn-winter collection.

Discover with me the magic world of art and beauty. I´ll show you the most inspiring pictures!

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Olaplex: Going platinum blonde with no hair damage! What´s behind the hype?

Olaplex: Going platinum blonde with no hair damage! What´s behind the hype?

Directly from California I welcome Olaplex! The new hair innovation everybody is talking about. Very stressed or damaged hair after bleaching, coloring or dying hair, seems to be a thing of the past. Turning dark hair to platinum blonde, without risking hair breakage, should not be any problem anymore.

Is it true or is it just a bluff? Let´s check what´s behind the hype!

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49 inspiring Cut, Color & City Impressions from Madrid

We love being hair stylists! Discovering new trends and improving our skills is great fun. When inspiration meets training we are absolutely ecstatic. Like recently when we traveled to Madrid to visit the La Biosthetique Academy.

Come with me, I will show you a wonderful and proud city that never sleeps. Trends, beauty and city impressions right from the Spanish metrópolis!

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Homeless Men Get Haircuts, Hope & Dignity in Heartwarming Video

What’s the difference between us and homeless people? Not as much as we think! We are all the same. Don’t let difference define us. That is what Filmmaker Tyler Bridges are teaching us after showing the wonderful transformation of homeless men after being shaved and getting a fresh haircut.

But it´s not just about a new haircut…find out more and watch the heartwarming video!

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Big bangs! The 25 most iconic celebrities with fringe ever

Bangs or fringes are definitely a cool thing! For many decades to be precise. I’ll show you the most famous style icons ever of a fringe, starting with Julius Caesar, to Louise Brooks in the golden 1920s, Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s to the current hip fashion muse and icon Alexa Chung.

An inspiring journey through the times of fringe hairstyles with a guaranteed Wow Effect!

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Merry Christmas Baby – we have a little something for You!

Ho-Ho-Ho, Santa Claus is knocking on our door. Christmas means high season at our hair salon and we literally have our coiffeur hands full. However, I don´t want to miss the chance to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year 2015.

But what would be christmas without a christmas present? Look what I have for you!

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Campaign “Happy Children Faces For Christmas”

Can you imagine a child´s face on Christmas not getting a single present?

Together with the aid organization ”SI-Mallorca” we have hosted a fundraiser for Christmas presents, to share them with orphans and children in need in Mallorca.

See how we make children smile!

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Oscar Niemeyer and the Autumn-Winter 2014/2015 Hair Trends

Inspiration is the magic word of the La Biosthétique Collection for autumn and winter 2014: strong, individual looks full of flexibility, different every day and yet layered with unmistakable personality. A rich and yet natural array of colours adds another dimension to every cut – for strong women who know their own minds.

But what does the great architect, Oscar Niemeyer have to do with the latest hair trends? Find out and let yourself be inspired!

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Ooh Là Là ♥ Paris! 53 inspiring hours of beauty and fashion

We were in lovely Paris to discover new Trends in the Beauty and Fashion World.

Our trip to the “International Beauty Stylist Award 2014” barely lasted 53 hours, but that was still enough time to get tons of impressions of this inspiring city.

I´m more than happy to share them with you!

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“Catch me, if you can.” – A highly sensual Hairstyle

Discover how we turned a retro inspired Hair and Make-up Style into a very feminine and scandalous current creation full of contrasts. “Catch me, if you can.” is a glamorous Look to feel, play, love and live!

By the way, this creation has been voted SECOND BEST LOOK at La Biosthetique´s “NATIONAL BEAUTY STYLIST AWARD 2014” in Spain.

Find out the whole story!

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©SILKE VON ROLBIEZKI SALON  2019 | All photographies taken by Soravit Lertphiphat and La Biosthetique Paris (except otherwise identified)

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