You will fall in love – yes, in nail polish! Better said, in many nail polishes! The trendy beauty brand Treat Collection from Berlin with its fine collection of 66 selected colors will sweep you off your feet! But it´s not just because of the beautiful shades and shine, all 5-free nail polishes contain much less chemicals than regular products; they are 100% vegan, environmentally friendly and absolutely cruelty-free to animals. 

Treat Collection is much more than just another nail polish. It is literally a treat! A treat for all of your senses… a hint of self-indulgence. Like a great novel waiting to be read, a pleasant massage, a breakfast in bed or a beautiful flower bouquet.

Have I piqued your curiosity? If so, you definitely should continue reading! 


The color chart consists of 66 carefully handpicked 5-free nail polish shades, ranging from white, washed, transparent, “almost there” shades to pretty pastels, taupes, browns and some intense colors like emerald, navy, deep purple and blacks with a little shimmer to fantastic reds in every nuance, corals, pinks and a great, all you’ll ever need variation of nude tones. The variety is fairly overwhelming! Choose on of the super trendy fashion colors or grab one of the gorgeous classic ones. You will definitely find your favorite color.

The design of the heavy luxurious glass bottles with a gold finish is super chic, but at the same time not overdone at all.

But that´s not all: There are some great additions to make your mani-life much easier such as the “Fast Drying Top Coat”, the “More & More Cuticle Oil” or the “Gentle Nail Polish Remover”!

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All nail polishes from Treat Collection are 5-free – that means they don´t contain commonly used risky ingredients such as formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. In other words, nail polish by Treat Collection is not just healthier than regular products, they are more environmentally friendly, vegan and 100% cruelty-free.

No more doubts or worries about having your nails shine, even during pregnancy or with children around.

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“Treat Collection is for the self-confident and laid-back women with a sense for health and wellbeing – while caring about animals and the environment.”

I see a woman with a casual high twisted bun or ponytail riding her cool vintage bike wearing shorts and sweater cruising a trendy urban quarter. On Saturdays she strolls around the farmers’ market, meets her friend for a coffee and takes her dog for a walk.

But at night, there is a transformation! Being a huge fan of old school Hollywood glamour she then morphs into a sexy, cool lady. Think of mid century style houses, the cream colored 50’s Mercedes Convertible, freshly coifed hair and perfectly groomed nails. Looking equally effortless but stylish in both Berlin and Los Angeles – simply fabulous in any city to be precise! Sophisticated yet modern, glamorous but not overdone, classy with some attitude. And with some earned interest in treating herself well, rightfully so.

Treat Collection ist ein Statement.
berlin cool. hollywood glam.

5-Free-Nagellack Treat Collection


No 1:
No risking your health because 5-free.

No 2:

No 3:

No 4:
Beautiful high-quality bottle, gorgeous look and feel.

No 5:
Nail polish is fast drying, long lasting and has a fabulous glossy shine to it.

No 6:
The long handle and extra soft and wide brush provide great results and a flawless finish.

No +66:
…of course the 66 exquisite nail polish colors ;-)  

Silke von Rolbiezki - 5-free-nail-polish_Treat_Collection


Don´t use nail polish which is harmful for your health and to the environment – and refuse nail polish from companies who realize needless animal testing. Fortunately there are a few great alternatives out there on the market.

Do it for your health, do it for the environment, and do it for the animals!

Thus, indulge yourself with a unique treat with 5-free nail polishes from Treat Collection. It will be the beginning of a great love story. I’ll bet you!

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All nail polish products from Treat Collection are available exclusively at our salon in Palma de Mallorca. You don´t live in Mallorca? Here is a list list with other suppliers.

Oh, I was almost to forget to mention: Of course we are using all nail care and nail polish products from Treat Collection for in-house manicures and pedicures at our salon in Palma. Make your appointment here!

I hope you´ll find this blog post useful and interesting.

Kind regards,
Silke von Rolbiezki.

Silke von Rolbiezki | Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure, Palma de Mallorca

This article was written by Silke von Rolbiezki, hairdresser, hair stylist and owner of ‘Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure’ in Palma de Mallorca. She has been involved and connected for more than 19 years in the high end hairdressing industry. She has perfected her skills over time with top hair stylists in Germany and Spain. In addition to cutting and styling, Silke is very well known for her extensive expertise in hair coloring.

Text © Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure, 2016
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