Stefan Brendler [Reception & Hospitality]

Stefan is the soul of our salon. As a former thoroughbred catering specialist, he totally knows how to make guests happy. His lovely sense of humor and natural manner mean he can conquer hearts no end.
Stefan Brendler at Silke von Rolbiezki Salon, Palma de Mallorca

»The shortest distance between two people is a smile.«

1973 - 1992
Dessau, Germany

1992 - 2009
Berlin, Germany

2009 - 2013
Santanyi, Spain

2013 - today
Palma de Majorca, Spain

English, Spanish, German

I was born and raised in Dessau, in the eastern part of Germany. After finishing school I moved to Berlin and Leipzig, where I had started studying German language, literature and educational science. In order to finance my studies, I worked in the catering industry. I loved it so much that I decided to turn my part-time job into full-time.

Until 2009 I lived and worked in Berlin, and it was that same year that I got an offer that I simply couldn’t turn down. I was offered a job in a restaurant on Majorca. So, quite spontaneously, I moved to the island. I immediately fell in love with the sea, the climate and the people.

Since 2017 I’ve now been at Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure, responsible for reception and the wellbeing of our guests. Before that I sold my vegan restaurant “La Golondrina” in Santa Catalina in order to redirect my career.

I’m an open and communicative kind of guy, so it’s always been easy for me to connect with people. Be it catering or hair salon, both places are the perfect environment for me. Chance encounters with people, making sure that they feel comfortable and particularly well looked after during their visit – that gives me great pleasure.

What I love about Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure is the creative, tasteful and international ambiance. You just have to feel good here. So my greatest priority is to make sure that you feel at ease and comfortable here. I’m looking forward to welcoming you.

Stefan Brendler