Julia Otero

A very experienced hairdresser, expert for cut and styling, really knows how to pamper our clients with first class head, neck and hand massages!

»All dreams can come true, if you have the faith to follow them.«

Birth - 1990
Hamburg, Germany

1990 - 1995
Barcelona, Spain

1995 - 2012
Hamburg, Germany

2012 - Today
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Spanish, German

Even as a child, I was already hairdressing and beautifying my siblings and friends. Nobody was safe from me!

So, no surprise at all! I turned my devotion into my profession and started to work at well-respected hair salons such as Rolf & Bernd in Hamburg. Throughout the time I was participating in fashion shows with Peter Polzer and other celebrity hairdressers.

In 1990, I moved from Hamburg to Barcelona to open my own hair salon. As I love new looks and inspirations, I kept on doing fashion shows, collaborating with well known hair artists like Lluis Llongueras. I learned a lot in those years!

Nevertheless, I wanted to obtain the degree “Hairdresser Master” (a special expert grade in Germany). That´s why I moved back to Hamburg. After my graduation, and after many international workshops (e.g. at Tony & Guy in London) I opened the hair salon “Julia Otero” in Hamburg. The business ran very well until I decided to sell it in 2010.

From now on, my ambition was to work at the theater, creating fancy hairstyles for plays like “Cinderella” and “The King’s Children”. It was a great experience!

In case you didnt know, I´m Spanish. I really missed the sun! So I decided to go back to Spain. This time to Mallorca where it didn´t take long to meet Silke von Rolbiezki, through common friends.

Having the same professional vision, the same passion for hair and beauty, and last but not least having the same devotion to respect every detail – that´s why we finally teamed up together!

I´m very happy being part of this exceptional salon concept! And I´m very pleased to make you happy with my expertise and my courtesy.

See you soon!
Julia Otero