La Biosthétique Paris is our partner for hair and scalp care as well as professional hair color.

La Biosthétique Paris offers a complete range of luxury cosmetics: it comprises hair and scalp care, styling, professional hair color, skin and body care as well as make-up products. High quality ingredients are carefully blended and emphasis is placed on natural resources and the best ingredients that are finely tuned in the products to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Each product has a targeted result so that the La Biosthétique hairdresser can easily provide solutions for all kinds of problems and satisfy individual needs. With the help of special tests, we can analyze the condition of the scalp, hair and skin and with these results we can select the most suitable products. All products are developed in modern laboratories without any testing on animals and according to its latest scientific findings; they are all dermatologically tested and thus subjected to the strictest tolerability.

We have been trained by BIOSTHETIQUE PARIS in order to guarantee that you get the best consultation and treatments.

We are constantly being trained, updated and informed by La Biosthétique Paris. Thus we are always up to date so we can guarantee you professional advice on all haircare products and their optimal use.

La Biosthétique products are exclusively available in premier leading hairdressing salons and spas.

If you want to learn more about the products from La Biosthétique Paris please get in contact with us or check the official website from La Biosthétique.