FAQ / Frequently asked questions

FAQ / Frequently asked questions


I have not received any activation link by email. What can I do?

Have you signed up here with a valid email address? If not, please try with a valid email address and click the “Sign Up” button

You have signed up with a valid email address? Then please check you spam folder. If you find the email with the activation code, please change the status from “Spam” to “Not Spam” and/or add the email address news@silkevonrolbiezki.com to your contacts.

If this still doesn´t work, please send us a message to info@silkevonrolbiezki.com

How can I unsubscribe the News email list?

Find on every News email footer the link “Unsubscribe me”. If you don´t want to receive any more News emails please click on this button. Once done, you are unsubscribed and you will not longer get any News email.