LASANTA&CO. – a space dedicated to interior design and good taste

Lasanta&Co., Silke von Rolbiezki, Palma de Mallorca


I guess most of you know it already, we moved! Our new hair and beauty salon is in Carrer de la Missió 13 in Palma de Mallorca, and we could not be happier with the neighborhood and our adorable and eclectic neighbors! In particular, I would like to introduce you this time to Nekane Leorza, the creative owner of the studio and decoration shop LASANTA&CO. 


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AUBOCASSA olive oil: We were invited to the harvest and came back enthusiastic!

Aubocassa - Best olive oil from Mallorca


Who does not fall for the idea of eating a piece of crusty bread dipped in the best olive oil with a hint of salt? It’s amazing how simple ingredients can sometimes taste the most. Especially when it comes to regional products like the rewarded Majorcan olive oil AUBOCASSA. I was lucky to be invited to the farm to observe closely the harvest of olives and enjoy an unforgettable picnic in the middle of olive trees fields.


The most aromatic olives they use are grown on the island and processed immediately after harvest, pressed in cold until the best olive oil is obtained. In AUBOCASSA, QUALITY, EXPERIENCE, GOURMET and HIGH QUALITY are written in capital letters!

When Tiffany Blackman, representative of AUBOCASSA, told me about an exquisite picnic with olive oil tasting in the middle of magnificent olive groves, in the heart of Mallorca, I could not resist! I immediately signed up for this excursion and unique experience.

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CACHAO chocolate is delicious, healthy and even makes your hair more beautiful. A real superfood!

CACHAO chocolate Mallorca | Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure


It seems to be a dream, eating chocolate without a bad conscience. It’s getting even better: If you eat raw chocolate, you’re doing a big favor to your health. And it’s good for your skin and hair. A real Superfood! This is what CACHAO is claiming, a delicate chocolate manufacture, located right in the heart of Santa Catalina, a hip district in Palma de Mallorca. I was able to have a chat with Tino Wolter, the head pâtissier and food designer of CACHAO. Find out why this delicious vegan and organic chocolate is a godsend.


Raw cacao was already revealed by ancient cultures as the “food of the gods”. The finest premium raw chocolate from CACHAO absolutely deserves this honor, without a doubt! Handcrafted with passion, and made of 100% organic unroasted cacao beans, right here in Mallorca. The different chocolate creations are a real work of art, made by Tino Wolter, the consummate pâtissier, and powered by “bconnected Holistic Food”.

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MONGE SHOES: Finest handmade shoes for men from Mallorca – a tribute to style!


I have to admit that until now, practically all my posts were mainly dedicated to the feminine world. So I decided to bring forth a subject that could appeal to both women and men: S-H-O-E-S.

Us women always get pretty excited about our high heels but we love to see our men go in style too, right? Well, in Palma de Mallorca there is a unique space, dedicated to the most authentic masculine footwear: Join me at MONGE’s shop, located in the historic center of Palma; it is a true paradise of good taste offering luxurious handmade shoes “Made in Mallorca”. 


I’m a real shoe enthusiast. They’re definitely one of the most crucial accessories to turn a good outfit, into a perfect one. I often choose which shoes I want to wear first, before I get dressed. I believe this accessory reveals a lot about someone’s personality. Sorry if you catch me staring at your shoes, I’m probably delighted by your shoes. 

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MARAT ATELIER – handmade hats from Mallorca to make you feel like a starlet


I really love hats, I always have. I wear them a lot, in winter and in summer. I adore that particular touch they add to my style.

When I was a little girl, back in Cologne, Germany, I used to dream of designing my own collection one day. Instead of making hats, I´m styling and coloring hair. Its obvious that the head is my passion. Now I had the chance to visit a great milliner, probably the best one on Mallorca. 


If you love wearing hats just like I do, I strongly recommend visiting MARAT ATELIER in Palma de Mallorca and meet the charming Marta Ortega. Listening to her profound voice and talking about such cool hats, will make you feel like you have to own one of those wonderful hats she has created. 

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Lovely wedding at Hotel Cap Rocat in Mallorca: We were there!

Hotel Cap Rocat, Wedding in Mallorca


I really appreciate working in my salon, but there is no doubt that sometimes it´s great to be somewhere else. Being at another place with other people can turn out pretty inspiring. And even more if there is love involved ;-) Like recently at the wedding of two amazing women – Kristin and Yamila – at hotel “Cap Rocat”, a former military fort on Mallorca. It was an honor being asked to do both brides hair!


Enjoy the charming impressions of a very special wedding, at a very special location. Get inspired!

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