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Aubergin fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki Mallorca


As I was preparing myself to write about my fabulous meeting with the fashiondesigners of  AUBERGIN, It hit me! I wanted to emphasize my blog post on women empowering women. I love working with women, I have 3 fantastic and super powerful ladies supporting me in my salon in Palma de Mallorca. Our daily job is mainly with women, we are dedicated to making them look and feel beautiful. The style, the way you look is also important to empower you on the inside and helps you to shine your light. 


I was very excited about this photo shoot. When I saw the fabulous design from AUBERGIN I instantly knew I wanted to forecast them in our blog. The brand represents all I feel comfortable with when it comes to fashion. Authentic, sustainable, ethical, soft fabrics, pure and natural lines but also very feminine and elegant, classic in a modern way, simple and all-time gems to keep in your closet.



I stand for individuality and authenticity when it comes to fashion and style, which is probably why I instantly fell in love with the brand AUBERGIN. Soft fabrics and design all made in Europe, mainly Spain, Italy and Portugal, behind the brand two beautiful and powerful women who decided to make their dream a reality in Majorca. The two are a fantastic example of what I love so much about the island. It’s such a blessing to keep meeting talented and inspiring people from mixed cultures and backgrounds, all with much love and passion reflected in their work.


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca



And this is only possible when you truly “LOVE WHAT YOU DO”! That was the impulse for Nevean Holmes and Anna Uimonen to create their own fashion brand AUBERGIN. Meet Nevean the brunette born in England, living in Majorca since the age of 2 and Anna the blonde from Finland who’s been on the island for 15 years, two beautiful young designers and friends since they worked together in the same company. Two different looking women, but one and the same woman sharing a common passion and vision for fashion.


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca



Sharing the same dream, the two women who had studied Fashion, business and marketing decided to create AUBERGIN in 2015, because it’s now or never and because they wanted their little girls’ big dream to come alive. The two are now working hand in hand with everything. From choosing their inspiration source to sketching and expanding their brand throughout Europe. They sell mainly online and travel a lot to show their work in different trade shows, from Paris to Berlin, and catwalk in Barcelona, they are doing what they love and it looks amazing.


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca



By choosing the clothes from the winter collection for the fashion shoot together with Nevean, one could tell that the fabrics and the designs are chosen and made with love and much attention to detail, based on sustainable ethics and high-quality craftsmanship of “Made in Europe”. I love that the faux fur leather jacket is created from non-leather, cruelty-free materials, as part of AUBERGIN’S work ethos and commitment to animal and eco-friendly fashion. Warmly, comfy and stylish is all I want when searching for winter clothes and AUBERGIN has it all.


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca



I’m happy to share AUBERGIN with you, not only because I absolutely love their collection but also because I think it’s important to give a brighter chance for people like Nevean and Anna to grow with their conscious and ethical business. They are working every day and looking towards to becoming a more and more sustainable and eco-friendly Brand. It’s the kind of business I want to give tribute to because they matter, they make the difference. Buy less, choose well and be supportive of people who are working consciously to make you look and feel good.


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca


You may ask yourself, why are we featuring AUBERGIN’S winter collection in April. Actually, the fashion shoot took place already last December, at the same time we signed a lease contract for our brand new hair and beauty salon in Carrer de la Missió 13, in Palma de Majorca. From then on, we have been involved in a considerable renovation, which was completed this March. During that time we have been focused 100% on getting the new venue done. I would have loved to publish this blog post quite earlier, but I believe you might enjoy this feature, even in the beginning of Spring.

A special thanks to Christine Leja and Andree Mienkus from bconnected Mallorca for allowing us to use one of their stunning villas as a location for our fashion shoot with AUBERGIN. In case you fall in love with this beautiful modern country house, just get it ;-) – this Mallorca villa is for sale!

But this blog post, like many others, wouldn’t have been possible without the unlimited support of some of my friends and colleagues. Thank you Soravit L. (he is an incredibly talented photographer), Hayley Baker, Nadia Bousselma, Erinn McNulty, Martha Najderek and Patricia Wencelbat for your trust and help – by the way, the last-mentioned are five amazing women. I feel very privileged!

Have a wonderful day,
Silke von Rolbiezki


Aubergin Fashion, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca



Shop Online:

Atelier AUBERGIN (by appointment only)
C/Vilanova 2, 3B, 07002 Palma de Mallorca, Spain



For more fashion inspiration follow AUBERGIN on Instagram.

Aubergin on Instagram, Silke von Rolbiezki, Mallorca



Silke von Rolbiezki | Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure, Palma de Mallorca

This article is a collaboration between Silke von Rolbiezki and Nadia Bousselma.

Silke von Rolbiezki is a hairdresser, hair stylist, and owner of ‘Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure’ in Palma de Mallorca. She has been involved and connected for more than 20 years in the high-end hairdressing industry. She has perfected her skills over time with top hair stylists in Germany and Spain. In addition to cutting and styling, Silke is very well known for her extensive expertise in hair coloring.

Text: © Silke von Rolbiezki Coiffure, 2018
Photography: All Pictures by ©: Soravit Lertphiphat



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